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Based on the stor y of a traditional and prestigious clinic recognized in the Madeiran communaty, in 1992 was born the “Sociedade de Clínica Hospitalar lda” in order to manage and explore Santa Catarina´s clinic.

Therefore a group of doctors and medical companies , are still leading the project of these health services. Through the last 20 years, new management methods were put in place. New services were introduced and the working instruments were renewed such as diagnostics and facilities.

In 2002 SCH opened a new clinical centre in the city of Caniço, 10 km away from Funchal, offering medical services, nursing services and diagnostics, in this urban centre.

Nowadays, SCH is renewing its facilities at the Santa Catarina clinic in order to offer better working conditions and a modern and attractive service for the comfort of their patients.

As it is a private health establishment it has a number of conventions with several institutions, insurers and companies. Its occupational medicine department is authorized to provide external services in the security area, hygiene and health at work as mentioned in the “Jornal oficial da RAM” of 4th November 2009.

On March 15, 2017, Luz Saúde – one of the largest healthcare provider groups in Portugal and owner of Hospital da Luz network – acquired 81,14% of SCH, Sociedade Clínica Hospitalar.Thus, Luz Saúde assumes the commitment of continuing to invest in the improvement and expansion of Clínica de Santa Catarina and Policlínica do Caniço infrastructures, namely in terms of operating rooms, special examination centre and ambulatory care, with the purpose of turning these units a reference in the autonomous region of Madeira.